OGOCG provides unique and intellectual support to the Africa energy industry across the value chain, from policy to engineering operations, asset de-risking and management aim at improving and fast tracking decision making processes as well as maximizing reliability, security and economic operation of energy delivery systems through in-depth studies, strategic advice, planning, implementation and energy delivery optimization.

Our activities include:

→ Energy Advisory

  • Operational Excellence
  • Market And Developmental Policy – Market Dynamics And New Opportunities
  • Cleaner Energy and Frontier Project Support
  • Development And Implementation Of Energy Management Plans
  • Strategic And Business Development Plans
  • Technical Contract Advisory
  • Government Advisory

→ Engineering and Procurement

  • Material Sourcing, Procurement And Document Control
  • Project And Construction Management
  • Operations And Maintenance
  • Integrity And Corrosion Management
  • Effluent Treatment And Disposal Plan
  • Chemical processes
  • Safety And Environment

→ Data Management

  • Data Mining And Control
  • Data Management
  • Office Support And Archiving
  • Data Security And Sharing

→ Asset Evaluation and Management

  • Oil And Gas Asset Management
  • Technical And Economics Evaluation
  • Technical Due Diligence For Acquisitions
  • Asset Redevelopment Studies
  • Production Modeling And Forecasts
  • Production Operations
  • Project Management And Technical Services

→ Human Capacity Development

  • Engineering and Operational Training
  • Technical And Non Technical Training
  • Customized Short Courses
  • Technical Workshop

→ General Consulting

  • Strategic Planning
  • Expert Consultations and Technical Support
  • Independent Assessments And Valuations
  • Revenue Maximization/Cost-Reduction Analysis


→ Research and Development

  • Academic-Industry Studies
  • Feasibility And Market Studies
  • New Opportunities In Mature And Frontier Asset
  • Extending Asset Life