Oil and Gas Asset Management

OGOCG is a leading energy advisor and solution provider dedicated to Africa oil and gas market.

We Offer Clients Solutions For Oil Field Development Studies And Management Which Includes:capture2

  • Reservoir studies
  • Reservoir surveillance and Evaluation
  • Reservoir simulation and Management
  • Reservoir Evaluation and Management.
  • Reservoir Modeling and Simulation.
  • Improved Production Optimization.
  • Reservoir to Surface Facility Optimization.
  • Oil Field Asset (Prospect) Evaluation.


Require For Major Investment Decision And Acquisitions.


capture4At OGOCG, we integrate reservoir engineering, concept  & sedimentology, formation evaluation, well test, production logging , drilling & completion and reservoir simulation modeling, simulation and management to fast track resources into reserves.

  • Design and Interpret MDT, BPT, RST, FPBU program and result for our clients.
  • Calibrate result with current field performance to design short and midterm asset development plan


“Fast-tracking RESOURCES into RESERVES