Quality is embedded within Oil and Gas Outlook Consulting Group (OGOCG)’ culture.


Creating the passion for quality originates with people who are aware, involved and empowered to take ownership of quality. Our quality management systems operate at the highest standards and involve all stakeholders: Oil and Gas Outlook Consulting Group (OGOCG) personnel, clients and suppliers.


Our focus is on reinforcing our culture of excellence and continuous improvement through our QUARTZ™ program with an emphasis on the following key elements:

  • Quality Leadership
  • Operations Performance
  • Business Excellence
  • Quality Alerts
  • Knowledge Management
  • Supplier / Subcontractor Management

We direct our efforts towards evaluating and mitigating safety, health, environmental, asset integrity and reliability risks, as well as business and community impacts to continually improve performance, in accordance with established guidelines, metrics and targets.

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Quality Management standards

OGOCG quality management systems are compliant with ISO 9001 Quality Management standards.