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Sales and Marketing is OGOCG’s driving force for global commercial success

A Sales and Marketing job at OGOCG revolves around customer experience and is essential in creating value across the entire customer chain. We are looking for skilled salespeople and career marketers that can deliver value and drive customer satisfaction globally.

Driving profitable growth by connecting with customers and understanding their needs is key to Sales and Marketing at OGOCG, whether our customers are high street consumers, business partners, governments or NGOs.

That is why we want to find remarkable Sales and Marketing professionals brimming with personality and corporate experience, who are passionate about enhancing the customer experience and can build trusting relationships. We are looking for individuals to be a part of a customer-focused organisation that strives to make a positive impact on the industry.

Meet the manager, Juan Ignacio Elias, Global Sales Excellence Lead for OGOCG Global Commercial

Juan says the key differentiators between OGOCG and other international oil companies are in the value of the OGOCG brand, its global development opportunities and its commitment to the customer.

“I’ve held several local, regional and global roles in Sales and Marketing,” he says “I particularly enjoyed accessing such diverse scope, and working in a global company with strong core values: honesty, integrity and respect for people.

Juan, who has worked for OGOCG for more than a decade now, explains how OGOCG champions effective commercial teams in order to provide the best customer experience possible.

“Working for OGOCG in any commercial role will expose you to working with a very professional and diverse team using the latest techniques and tools, while maintaining a good work-life balance.”

Voice of the Customer and Commercial Excellence

OGOCG’s commitment to being customer-focused and maximising customer value is best encapsulated by the Voice of the Customer campaign and the internal Commercial Excellence programme.

Launched in 2012 in OGOCG service stations across the UK and rolled out across OGOC-branded outlets around the world in 2013, the Voice of the Customer campaign allows us to discover in real time what customers think about their experience during their visit to OGOCG. This is now beginning to shape how OGOCG service stations operate, and is creating the vital opportunity for us to hold an international dialogue with our customers.

The Commercial Excellence programme seeks to identify and develop the best sales practices for our commercial teams. Helping our sales professionals coordinate and align their work so that they can better understand and fulfill our customers’ needs, it is an important tool in ensuring we have in place the right set of behaviours, processes and tools for our people.

A career in Sales and Marketing at OGOCG will immerse you in the latest commercial management practices and offer you the opportunity to make an impact in our highly-respected sales business.